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PO Box 19,
Woodacre, CA 94973




Allstar Organics is a certified organic family farm since 1994, with fields in Marin and Sonoma counties in Northern California. The farm produces a diverse array of heirloom and specialty crops for Bay Area restaurants and groceries, health food stores, curated specialty shops, and farmers' markets. 


Enjoy Allstar in a jar. Allstar Organics produces a growing line of dried herbs, herbal salts, and herbal sugars, grown. dried, hand-finished, and hand-packed on-farm, Our careful process ensures you experience true, field-to-table freshness, color, fragrance, and taste. Sustainably grown and rustically prepared, these pantry necessities add new zest and creativity to all your favorite dishes. If you enjoy cooking, and take pride in your results, you'll love using these exceptional ingredients. Certified organic and kosher. Packed in modern, stylish jars that compliment your kitchen decor. Choose a custom set of three from our entire collection. 


Treat yourself to Allstar Organics Hydrosols, made from herbs and edible flowers grown and distilled on the farm. These fragrances from the heart of nature offer relaxation, pleasure, and enjoyment through their aromatherapeutic qualities. Hydrosols are pure essences, steam distilled from fresh plant material without solvents, alcohol, or artificial additives. The process produces delicate fragrances with refreshing and soothing effects. Bottled in handy 2 oz. personal misters. Enjoy convenient aromatherapy to go.  Perfect for purse, backpack, or suitcase. Refresh your home, office, hotel room, rental car, or plane. Choose a custom set of six from our entire collection. 

Relax. Refresh. Enjoy