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PO Box 19,
Woodacre, CA 94973

Herbal Sugars


Our delightful, pastel colored herbal sugars derive their flavor and aromas from the dried edible flowers and herbs we grow on our farm. We blend organic, evaporated cane juice—a barely refined pure, light blonde sugar, with dried edible flowers and herbs in a unique process that produces these original treats. Used simply to sweeten tea or fruit punch, or sprinkled over fruit, buttered bread, or nut butters, these delicate sugars impart a delightful, authentic, natural herbal flavor. Flavor whipped crème or frosting. Add a touch to fizzy water to create a quick convenient organic soda, anytime, anywhere. Substitute a small amount in recipes for scones, teacakes, and ice crème. Naturally flavored and colored sugars are a unique and original treat.