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Garlic Lover's Trio

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Garlic Lover's Trio


Our farm is famous for the Italian Hardneck Garlic we grow. This three-jar set includes our famous Organic Garlic Salt, pure Organic Garlic Powder, and unique, peeled, sliced, and dried, Organic Italian Garlic, straight from the farm.

Use Organic Garlic Salt to add a fresh, garlicky flavor to stir fries, sauces, bean dishes, and pasta sauces, or use as a finishing salt on pizza, pasta, garlic bread, or hot buttered popcorn.

Use Organic Garlic Powder in any recipe where garlic powder is called for and to give zest to dipping sauces, salad dressings, garlic bread, and melted butter. 

 Use Organic Italian Garlic: anytime you want to add a little garlic to a dish. Always at hand, it is ready to use—peeled, sliced and dried. It quickly rehydrates in any soup, sauce, or bean dish, just like fresh garlic. Try slipping a few chips into a cut in a potato prior to baking.

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